Web-to-Print Services


Web-to-Print Services with Racad Tech: Braund Supergraving Case Study

Utilizing Racad Tech Services to provide a “worry-free” web-to-print system. Braund Supergraving specializes in corporate printing for businesses across North America. Having been using web-to-print for many years, VP of sales and marketing Frank Augurusa had expressed that he did not want to tie up human resources in the company’s shop to manage their web-to-print system any longer.

By going with Web To Print Technology (W2P Tech), powered by Go ePower, Frank decided to utilize Racad’s professional services to provide reliable technology and professional services. Racad was responsible for creating storefronts and products so that Frank and his team could focus exclusively on sales and print fulfillment. W2P Tech served as product catalogue, billing, invoicing, payment gateway, shipping, and management system.

By utilizing Racad’s professional services along with W2P Tech, powered by Go ePower, the barriers to web-to-print utilization were virtually eliminated.


W2P Tech, powered by Go ePower, licensing was provided affordably as Braund Supergraving scaled up its usage. Cost of production to manage the web-to-print system was also lowered drastically due to not needing to hire more HR or consume existing HR to learn or use the system.


Give your customers the power to brand and manage their print-related materials through their own easy-to-use website.

W2P Tech, powered by Go ePower, allows you to give your customers their own customized website which acts as an e-commerce store for print related materials. This customized e-commerce store will include their logo and company colors. Your customers and their companies can then purchase branded or non-branded merchandise and printed materials from this e-commerce store, and each order will go through you.

This means easy access, ordering, and branding for your customers, which translates into more print orders and loyalty to your print shop.

Give your customers the power to keep their brand image for marketing and printed materials consistent from logo, layout, to printed material, and they will remain consistently loyal to you.

Give your customers the power of print procurement.

W2P Tech, powered by Go ePower, benefits for your customers includes:

  • Brand management and marketing:

Consistent marketing materials: logo, layout, etc.

  • Accounting:

Detailed reports of spending

  • Archiving:

All documents can be archived online

  • Access:

System can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world

  • Approved Fonts and Templates:

Access to marketing approved fonts, logos, images and templates

  • Efficiency:

Have all your items located digitally in one location

W2P Tech, powered by Go ePower, offerings for your customers:

  • Stationery:

Letterheads, envelopes, business cards, etc.

  • Promotional Items:

Shirts, hats, books, pens, etc.

  • Marketing Materials:

Sales collateral, postcards, marketing campaigns, etc.

  • HR Documents:

Application, hire form, letter of offer, newsletter, manuals, etc.

  • Trade Shows Materials:

Booth, banners, posters, sales collateral, promo items, etc.

  • Event Materials:

Golf tournaments, gala dinners, seasonal events, etc.

  • Agency documents:

Annual reports, quarterly reports, etc.